Erection Amplifier Program Review & Huge Bonuses

I told my wife to find satisfaction
in the arms of another man!


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at the bottom of this page

You might tell yourself that you would never do that.

And granted, I was humiliated and my heart was heavy.
But I was at the end of my rope.
Believe it or not, it was a desperate attempt to save my marriage.

You see, I hadn't been able to have sex in more than a year. Amy has always had needs and I could feel her slipping away. She was the love of my life and I would do anything for her.

So l let go . . .

I thought the best I could do in terms our relationship was to be her happy roommate and live out my days as some sort of gelded companion.

A good partner, but crippled where it counts.
It truly was the worst time of my life.

If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, I probably have the most exciting information you will ever hear in your life. 


In fact, more than 70,0000 men have already benefitted from the techniques that I am about to reveal.
Being a good, upstanding, Christian man, it was important that I do my best to make sure that the claims I make in this presentation are accurate.

Here is the truth.

Simply by reading this presentation all the way to the end, you'll

DISCOVER how increasing the blood flow to your penis is the secret to relieving yourself of erectile dysfunction.

Also, with this system you will


The way you do with other popular E.D. treatments.
Because this system is ALL-NATURAL, and you also get to IMPROVE the state of your overall health by using it.
And when you find yourself standing in front of your lady in just a short time from now...
And she’s overwhelmed by your performance in bed, you’ll be a believer too.
Remember: right here today, I'm about to share the most effective remedy for erectile dysfunction you’ve ever heard of.
But before we dive in, I'm going to share something personal that, to be honest...

My wife BEGGED me to leave out of this presentation.

I think you'll see why this turns her face red as a rose when you hear about it in a few minutes, so try not to laugh...
When you know it, you’ll understand why...
If I could come back from E.D. and please my wife the way I do...


There is absolutely no reason why you can’t do the same.

Let me tell you something: I wasn’t always the sexually confident man I am today.
Sure, I married a beautiful woman, so I figured I was doing SOMETHING right!

But my wife was always more sexually needy than me.

Listen, I’m not complaining.
However, you can imagine my panic when it slowly dawned on me that I was coming down with a case of erectile dysfunction.
One day… it just happened.
We were all over each other...
Amy was ready to go and waiting for me.
And then . . . nothing.
Now, I don’t know if anything like that has ever happened to you.
I can only assume that if you’re reading this, it probably has.
But for me, it was an incredibly humiliating experience.

After all, here I had a beautiful woman ready to go and I couldn’t do anything about it!!!

I could tell she was disappointed in me.
That was the first time in my life that I had failed to get it up.
I told her I would make up for it next time.
The problem was that...

The same thing happened the next time . . .

Over the next several months, I failed to get it up 1 out of every 3 times we tried to have sex.
In fact, I began to feel dread at the prospect of having sex because I didn’t know if I could perform!
Amy took it personally ...
She thought I was bored with her or that I didn’t think she was sexy.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
That’s the strangest part about it.
When I would look at her traipsing around the house in her skimpy little underwear or a short skirt, she still got my heart pumping.

I wanted nothing more than to grab her and do all those things we used to do!

But for some reason, my penis just wasn’t having any of it.

It was like someone had unplugged the power and the switch just wasn’t working.
But no matter what I told her, I think that deep down she never got over that feeling of “not being good enough” or “not being attractive enough.”
Of course, I picked up a prescription for some penis pills.
And sure enough, they worked and we were back having sex for a while.
But then I began to experience chest pain.
I may not be the healthiest person alive, but I sure as hell never experienced any weird pains out of the blue!
So I quit the pills.
Of course, when I did that, my penis went back on vacation.

Well, I wasn’t going to give up that easily.

I decided that maybe we just needed to spice things up.

I started doing some research and I would go to a nearby adult bookstore on my lunch hour to try and get some ideas.
We tried every kind of sexual stimulation we could think of – different types of foreplay, she tried on all different types of cute, sexy outfits, from naughty school girl to latex nurse.

When that didn’t work, I got really desperate and bought one of those penis pumps and special lubricants.
Amy did her best to be understanding.
But it was pretty embarrassing if you want to know the truth.

I felt like less of a man.

I had to put in all this work to try and find my mojo again.

Worst of all, none of it worked.

In fact, all these devices and products probably made things worse. Nothing is less sexy than an old guy running into the bathroom to pump up his Johnson before sex.

Well, like I already told you, Amy absolutely needed sex.
I know it sounds a little strange, but she just wasn’t herself when she didn’t get it.
For several months after I started having my problems, she tried to compensate by taking care of her business herself.
But I knew that this was only a temporary fix and that sooner or later...

Sure enough, she began suffering from migraine headaches and she was no longer her bubbly self. 
Sometimes we would talk about it and I could tell she felt guilty for having these needs that I could no longer satisfy.

Once or twice she even told me that she wished she could swear off sex altogether.
However, I knew that the hidden part of that statement was that she could not swear off sex forever.
It broke my heart but I had to admit it.
I had to do something desperate or my marriage to this wonderful woman was going to come to an end.
Here’s the thing...
It’s hard to describe something as complicated as a long and loving marriage in a short presentation like this.
But the truth is...

We had a wonderful trusting relationship.

That’s why, one night I sat Amy down...
And told her I wanted her to start dating other men.

It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

But at that moment, I truly believed that the only way I could hold onto my relationship with the woman I loved...

Was by letting other men take care of her sexual needs.

She refused, of course.

She got angry and asked if this was actually my way of getting rid of her.
I told her that nothing could be further from the truth.
I also told her that I knew she was suffering solely for my pride...
And that I could no longer keep her from sexual fulfilment on that basis alone.
We sat there and cried in each other’s arms that night...
Because we both thought our relationship would never be the same.

After that day,

I truly thought I was done having sex for the rest of my life.

It was devastating!

That’s why I promised myself that I would try everything I could find to try and get my sexual potency back.
So I started doing some digging on the internet for alternative remedies.
One guy on a men’s forum suggested that acupuncture sessions helped him...

So the next day I scheduled an appointment at a local place.

I never believed in any of this Asian mumbo jumbo, but it wasn’t like I had anything left to lose!

So the next morning I was the first customer to walk through the door.

The place smelled of sage and Oriental spices...
And a young woman welcomed me from her desk and showed me the way to the acupuncture room.
The next thing I knew, I was lying there on the table...
Letting this old Chinese woman make me look like Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies.
The woman asked me why I was having the procedure done.
I thought about lying to the woman.
I was still embarrassed to admit I had a full-blown case of E.D
But I decided I was going to have to learn to deal with it, so I told her the truth.
To my surprise, she just scoffed and told me,

“This don’t help with that.”

I sat up and looked at her.
I must have looked ridiculous with all those pins sticking out of my face.

“Naw,” she said.

“I got something way better for that.”

She took me into the back of her shop and called for a small bald man with a long, pointy beard.
They jabbered back and forth for a couple of moments… which to me seemed like a couple of hours!
I was beginning to feel ridiculous.
Then the man turned to me and said,

“You come back tomorrow. I get your ying-yang back.”

I left the shop that day feeling more down than ever.
Not only had the acupuncture turned out to be ineffective...
I also had some guy, who I assumed to be a fly-by-night, telling me he was going to fix me.
I almost didn’t go back the next day.
I was depressed because

Amy had met a man and

she was going out on her first date that very day.
I wanted nothing more than to sit in the dark and hate myself.
But then I reminded myself of my promise to try everything.
Every day since then, I have thanked my lucky stars that I did go back.

I went home angry and feeling a little sore between my legs.
I sat there alone thinking about how bad my life was going...
All because I couldn’t get it up for sex.
I must have looked like a mess, too.
I was wearing an old pair of sweat pants and a strained up T-shirt.
That’s how Amy found me when she came home from her date.
I could tell she’d been crying and I went to her, thinking that maybe the guy had gotten rough.
She told me that it was not like that at all.
In fact, he’d been a perfect gentleman.
It’s just that she couldn’t go through with it, she said.
She began to cry and I went to give her a hug to comfort her.
That’s when she stepped back and said,

“What the hell? Jon, you have a giant boner!”

I looked down and, sure enough, I was pitching a full-on tent in my sweat pants.

Just to be sure, I untied my pants and let them fall to the floor...

As you can imagine, I was on time for my next session with Master Yun.
He told me that what he had done was a simple trick to flood the capillaries in my penis with blood...
But that it was not safe to do it all the time.
He told me that the only way to safely restore my manhood...
Was to perform a series of exercises on a regular basis, as well as make a few diet and lifestyle changes.

These are the secrets that I’m going to reveal to you in the next few minutes.

These techniques are a system designed to restore the natural blood flow to your penis so you can get back in the saddle... so keep reading!
Here’s the deal:

I’m not some fancy doctor who’s out to make a buck off of your pain and suffering.
A couple of years ago, I was just like you.

I was in the doldrums, sick with grief over the fact that other men were going to be taking care of my business with my wife.
But I just happened to luck out and learn a few simple techniques from Master Yun.
In fact, the system was so utterly successful – we were like a couple of teenagers with the parents gone – that I couldn’t believe this system wasn’t in the mainstream.
What I was to find out was that there was a good reason for that.
You see,

You can’t make money off of an exercise program the way you can with pills in a bottle.

And that wouldn’t be a big deal if the results were the same with both solutions...
But that’s just not the case.
I'll share this system with you today...
So that you can finally experience results like these for yourself!
On top of that, I'll be covering all the reasons why we see an epidemic of E.D. spreading across the United States today.
I’ll talk about how our generation was the first to be raised on highly processed foods...
And the long-term side-effects that doctors are only now discovering.
But there is a way to overcome these dangers and return to the man you used to be.
Looking through all of the correspondence I’ve had with many of you over the years...
I am fully aware that many of you are perfectly content to spend your money on your little blue pill...
And accept the fact that you are cut off sexually without it.

You think that your problem is incurable without the blue pill.

If you stay with me just a couple of minutes more...

You’ll understand WHY and HOW that’s just not the case.
If you are one of the MILLIONS that have become dependent on sexual enhancement pills...
Then you need to decide now to accept the truth, that there are other ways...
Because, until you do that...

You will not be doing everything YOU can to get your sex life back.

And, yes, if you have a wife, I’m talking about throwing your marriage away!

Your wife will eventually leave you and it won’t be her fault.

Or, you can take the easy shortcut by spending your money on a pill.

That’s not a good idea and you know it.
Even if the pill doesn’t kill you, you will be dependent on it for the rest of your life.
In my book, it’s much better to take a little responsibility for yourself...

And invest the time and effort to fix the problem naturally.

I like to think long-term and this is a long-term solution.

It’s natural, it’s healthy, and it’s proven to make your life better.
I seriously cannot think of a reason you wouldn’t at least give this solution a chance.
I understand the guilt and doubt and embarrassment you are going through, suffering with E.D.
I think that’s really why most people discover me and come away knowing they have found the most effective E.D. remedy out there.
It’s because men all over the country just like you know that I understand what they are going through.
They also understand that they are the victims of a mass destruction of sexual ability.

It’s all the result of decisions made by our parent’s generation.

And here we are, in middle age and some of us approaching old age

And we are now feeling the effects of those misguided decisions.
There is nothing we can do about that now.
The only thing we can do is to stand together and share the best information that we know of with the other individuals in the same situation.
That’s why it is so important to me to get this information out there.
The truth is that I wish I didn’t have to do it at all.
I wish there were classes down at the YMCA that you could take that would teach you this stuff.
But I speak from experience when I say that’s not going to happen.
It’s up to you to take matter in your own hands and reclaim your manhood and the happy life you once had.
I’ll say it again:

There is absolutely no drawback to my system.

It is LESS EXPENSIVE and MORE EFFECTIVE than taking the mainstream remedies being pushed by big corporations.

Not only that, it’s NOT DANGEROUS and IT’S PERMANENT!
What more can you ask for?
Don’t throw your sex life away on ineffective supplements and dangerous poisons.
Once you give my techniques a try, you will know that it isn’t even close!

The truth is that your body is a natural system that functions perfectly fine if you know how to take care of it.

Just like any other muscle in your body...

You can actually work out your sex organ so it “gets in shape.”
Not only that, just like working out any other part of your body...
By exercising it in specific ways that I’ll show you...

You can improve circulation to that area of your body, completely reversing the condition that is causing you to have E.D.

Sure, you could take a pill to get a temporary shortcut to these effects.
But ask yourself this:

If you wanted to improve the muscles in your legs, would you shoot yourself up with steroids or would you exercise a little bit more?

Getting rid of your erectile dysfunction is the same thing.
When you take penis pills, you are essentially doing the same thing as shooting up with steroids.
Yes, you’ll see short-term effects but ultimately it’s not good for your body and the effects don’t last.
In fact, taking penis pills on a constant basis will cause your body to produce less of the testosterone you need to stay sexually active.
In other words...

Your shortcut is cutting your sex life short!

Now that you know the problem with the mainstream E.D. remedies and why the information about a natural remedy is being suppressed...

It’s really up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth it to give my method a try.

Just keep in mind that thousands of men have already benefited greatly from these techniques.

I know... it’s a difficult decision and a painful thing to think about.
So let me give you a sneak peek into the bundle of advice I have included, along with the ED system, inside my eBook...
I have 3 tips to share with you today...
These are among the exact same tips and tactics that countless thousands of other American men have used...
To see success in the bedroom after being told by their physicians that they have permanent E.D.
If you have been told the same thing, you deserve to have this opportunity as well.
Just remember, I'll be sharing my most important, life-changing tip last - so keep reading until the end
Not only that, because I know that everyone’s body reacts a little different
I included techniques from all over the world to help you get the most out of your erections.

This includes my first tip, which is to start using disinfectant mouthwash three times a day. 

You see, gum disease can mess with proper blood flow.
And blood flow is what a nice, hard erection is all about.

Not only that, but you should be using coconut oil when you masturbate.

That’s because, vigorous masturbation often leads to decreased sensitivity. 
This ends up causing issues during sexual intercourse.

I know this all sounds very simple.

But you need to understand that if you don’t take care of the little things, they can pile up and cause a BIG problem.
And, yes, E.D. is a BIG problem!
In fact, for many men, just using about a table spoon when you do the job...
Can bring back significant sensitivity to their penis in only a couple of weeks.
And if you could get your sex life back by doing something so simple, why wouldn’t you?
Just imagine what your life will look like when you take this action, starting today.
Just imagine how happy and fulfilled you will be once you have gotten rid of E.D...
And you can put all of those embarrassing, stressful moments behind you.
Imagine actually looking forward to sex again.
It’s the fact that these techniques improve the quality of your life!
When you start having sex again, the world around you becomes more pleasant, allowing you enjoy life for a change.
By simply 'deciding', today, that you CAN take the time to do these things, you've just opened your world to a better, more enjoyable life.
And that enjoyment includes a healthy sex life.
One of the things I constantly hear from the men who write me to tell me how much my system has improved their lives...
Is that they had allowed the ‘rat race’ of life to take over for so long...
That it was almost as if they had forgotten to stop and enjoy their lives once in a while.
These are men with wives and families...
And they had forgotten that these things are actually what life is all about!
Perhaps this is something that you can relate to.
Well I’m here to tell you that you’ve earned the right to enjoy life.
You really do have to make time to get a little crazy with that special someone in your life.
Strip down naked and go swimming at midnight.
Stay in bed on a lazy weekend morning, exploring each other’s bodies.
Sip wine by moonlight.
These are the kinds of experiences my system will open up for you!
But, you know what?
It gets even better!
Here comes my really big tip for bringing back your love life.
As we get older, plaque begins to build up in the capillaries inside our penis.
For the majority of men who develop E.D., it is crucial for them to figure out a way of flushing out this plaque.

The exercises that were taught to me by Master Yun do just that.

And on top of that, Master Yun showed me simple ways to change my diet...

So that those plaques don’t come back and the capillaries inside the penis stay clean as a whistle.
I will give you right now one quick exercise to get you started.
In the West, this exercise is commonly known as a Kegel. 

Simply squeeze and hold the muscles between your ball sack and anus for five seconds, then released for five seconds, and repeat this for a number of 10 every day.

By doing this one simple exercise, you will begin to strengthen your sexual muscles and flush out the poisons that are preventing you from getting an erection.

These are proven erection success tactics that you should be implementing today.
And I have SO much more information to help you regain and maintain your erections...
This information is yours for the taking starting today.
Now, I understand if you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed at this point...
And that's perfectly normal!
After all, if you are just now coming to this information, you probably weren’t aware that there was an all-natural and effective treatment out there.
I have met some men who tell me they cried when they found me...

Because they had no idea there was actually HOPE.

Basically, the bottom line is that you have only 2 choices on where to go from here:

The first choice is to simply take the information I have just given you, and try to go at this alone.
If that is your choice, I wish you good luck.
After all, even if you only do the few simple things I have just pointed out...
You will be better than you were before.
And like I said, there are some lucky men out there who find success with just a few changes.
However, if you are like me and you are determined to do everything in your power to regain your sexual potency...
With more power and more vigor, I congratulate you because you are about to have your mind blown.
After all, why risk failure and frustration trying to come up with an effective solution on your own
When you can have a method developed over centuries, completely natural and side-effect free?
Thousands of men have successfully relieved themselves of E.D. with this formula! Let me say that again:

It’s PROVEN to work . . . GUARANTEED!

I myself have put in the years of research, and put together the Formula for erection success, all with guys like you in mind...

And I call this System.

Nor is it a burning supplement that you have to shove up your anus.
Those products make me sick because I have had the displeasure of trying them myself...
And I’m very aware of just how ineffective they really are.
The product I am offering you is, quite simply, a maintenance manual for your penis.
It tells you how to maintain and care for your sex life in a way that keeps it working in good condition...
Rather than forcing it to do things it’s not prepared to do.
And, yes, I will admit it right here and now...
That some of the exercises I will show you will be a little strange at first.
That’s what happens when you try to use muscles you didn’t even know you had.
But I promise you this:

If you stick with it, they do get easier and the results are indeed very powerful.

Just ask my wife.
I’m happy to report that Amy has been completely satisfied with our sex life for many years now . . .
Even with her ravenous needs!

What I've done is make the Erection Amplifier as easy as humanly possible.

That means I’ve streamlined the regimen shown to me by Master Yun so that there are no time-consuming meditations or uncomfortable stretching.

The techniques I teach you do not require these things.
And, to all of those men out there who have been begging me...
To at long last reveal my zipper-busting technique to achieve maximum throb...
Yes, that is in here too.

So the bottom line is that if you're 100% ready for REAL answers to your questions about overcoming erectile dysfunction, I’m going to give it to you.

So, if you really want to:
  • Get an erection on command
  • Feel that rock-hard beast in your pants the way you used to
  • And once again hear your woman scream with pleasure
Then guess what?

The Erection Amplifier is the ONLY ANSWER you’re looking for.

Here are just a couple of things that satisfied men have to say about the Erection Amplifier System:

Let's take a look at what's inside The Erection Amplifier.

Once you’ve claimed your eBook copy, I want you to turn immediately to page 35 of The Erection Amplifier so you can discover the benefits of just one of the exercises:
Perhaps you're concerned that the Erection Amplifier... 
With all of it's amazing pants-tightening strategies...
Will cost you quite a bit...
And, in all honesty? It really should.

After all, this product has already helped more than 7,000 men overcome E.D. faster and easier than ever.

I'll get to the price in just a few moments...
First, I want to share a few unique benefits this System will deliver to you...
If you have neglected your love life and wish you could get some of that time back, that is exactly what the Erection Amplifier System provides.
Not only will your erections be harder and thicker than before...
But with stronger pelvic muscles comes more sexual control.
My system will give you that control and make you a better lover than you ever were before.
You'll discover special techniques for increasing sexual pleasure on page 54.
On page 81 you'll be introduced to an ancient Tantric method that I have personally used to ‘keep going’ even after I have orgasmed.
That's not all: you'll learn the secret of AVOIDING falling back into the boner-busting trap of self-doubt...
And this ALONE is worth the investment in the Erection Amplifier...
PLUS: You’ll learn a set of sex positions to maximize the pleasure your woman gets from your new girth!
The retail value of the Erection Amplifier system ALONE should be more than a thousand dollars...
But wait! You're not just getting Erection Amplifier today. I'm just getting started...
Just for reading this entire presentation today, I'd like to give you 2 valuable bonuses free of charge, just to help you improve your sex life even more:
The first gift you'll be receiving today is :


  Now you can see why the Erection Amplifier should be valued at $1000.

Even without the bonuses, it's a steal at that price...

Yet, that price is NOT for you.

I have a much better deal headed your way, so by all means keep reading...
Sure, you could just walk away, chance it, and keep going down the road you're on now.
And end up spending 10, 20, even 100 times more than the investment you'll make today.
And let's not EVEN talk about the medical bills you’ll save on from having a healthier lifestyle.
Look, with your relationship at stake...
I want to offer you the easiest decision you'll make all year, deal?
I feel you deserve to know why I'm offering you a special price for my product...
Not to sound corny, but I have a dream...
It's really a cause, and I'd love for you to be a part of it...
Along with the many others who desire to regain their sexual potency.
And, by doing that, I hope to inspire thousands...
If not millions of others folks...
Just like you...
Here's how:
A few years ago, I came to the decision that I need to let as many men into this cause as possible for the benefit of everyone...
A cause I call “Flop to Firm”:
And because it is important to me to reach as many men as possible...
It means a MUCH lower price for you today...
Because frankly, I want you to join my cause, and I refuse to let finances stop you!

Your total investment today is NOW only $67!

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All you need to do is click on the order button below to lock in your discounted price...
Don't decide right now... take advantage of my Unconditional "Triple Guarantee”

Here’s what it’s about:
Just try the Erection Amplifier for 60 days...
If you do not find the Erection Amplifier to your satisfaction...
Even if you don't like the FONT I use in the book!
It doesn't matter...
I'll refund your money, no questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings.
Look below this video right now:
Click on the button and lock in your special price today!
Just have a look at what Tim Dalton did after using the Erection Amplifier Formula...
Remember: It's not just a fantastic bargain you'll be receiving today...
You'll be joining in Flop to Firm!
For INSTANT ACCESS to everything, click on the button below NOW

You'll be granted immediate access to everything:
The Erection Amplifier plus all the bonuses...
Once you click that buy button, you'll be taken to my 100% secure checkout page...
Which looks like this:

Then you'll arrive at your own secure member's area, which looks like this:

It's That Simple!

Now, immediately after you buy the Erection Amplifier...
You need to open the eBook on your computer, laptop or smartphone.
Then flip to page 4 and check out The Big Bulge Restorer...
So you can dive in ASAP and get started seeing results...
This will guarantee you begin right where you need to start, and get amazing results in no time!
And remember:
Along with The Erection Amplifier...
You'll also be receiving The Grey Wolf's Guide to Being a More Manly Man
And The 50 is the new 25: Sex and Relationships for the New Man

Don’t put off this decision of one minute longer...
Here's WHY:
First, the longer you wait, the more time it takes to see full results.
And second, why allow E.D. to stand in your way any longer than you have to?
You have to power to stop it.
I encourage you to do what you have to do.

So be SURE to act today!

If you suffer from E.D., do the smart thing and accept this product as the life-changing tool it is.

Years from now you will be thanking yourself.

Here are the most common questions I receive about The Erection Amplifier System and the answers to help you out:
How much does my mental state have to do with my E.D.?
As scientific experiments have now confirmed, focusing your attention on one area of the body can cause focused activity in the nerves and muscles.
Therefore, there are mental exercises that can help. I will show them to you.
Can a man experience multiple orgasms?
In order to achieve multiple orgasm, try to mentally fall backwards into non-ejaculatory orgasms instead of falling forward into full-on ejaculation.
This will give you the pleasure and release of the prostate contractions, the PC contractions, and the anal-sphincter contractions.
Will your instructions make my lovemaking mechanical?
Keep in mind that the love making instructions I provide in The Erection Amplifier should not be considered a script. The point is to understand what your partner’s body is telling you. When you are pleasuring your partner, you should try to avoid sexual scripts or patterns of lovemaking that might become routine.

3 Simple Steps To Claim Your Bonuses

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    2- After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at:
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